What’s a House Concert?

This is liberally borrowed…with thanks…from houseconcerts.org

House concerts are a wonderful grassroots phenomenon where world-class musicians and developing local talent alike perform in the comfortable intimacy of private homes and similar nontraditional spaces.

  • Do you like to sit up front near the stage at folk/acoustic concerts, so that it seems almost like the performers are playing a private concert just for you? Do you find yourself hunting for the magic spot in the house where the sound is perfect?
  • Do you like the kind of house party where people share good times and good music?
  • Is it a long drive (or a downtown parking nightmare) before you can hear music at your favorite club or coffeehouse? Have you wished that someone would open a great venue right in your neighborhood – someplace safe, clean and fun to visit?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you have a wonderful surprise in store: House Concerts. You can have perfect sound, a great party, and world-class music right in your own home or the home of a neighbor.

There’s no experience quite like it for the listener or presenter.

Exactly what is a house concert?

The definition’s flexible, but generally, it’s a show that’s presented in someone’s home or nearby private space.

  • The audience is smaller than at a coffeehouse or club.
  • The money collected at our home goes straight to the performers, with no “profit motive” on our part.
  • We have little or no “sound system” – performers play and sing acoustically, unless someone needs a little amp for their keyboard.
  • Refreshments are “pot luck” brought by our guests, who supplement the “starter food” we put out.  If you plan to eat or drink what others bring, please plan on bringing something to share with them!

There are House Concerts being given in almost every part of the U.S. and Canada.  Some house concerts are “one-shots,” but most are presented as a series.  Since these Rockville house concerts sell out virtually every time, making your reservations early is recommended.

Please consider your reservations as a commitment; last-minute cancellations (or just not showing up!) mean empty seats and a smaller payday for the performer(s).

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